CLT weekly notes October 11th 2023

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Here are the notes from this week's CLT call. The call focused heavily on
release process, specifically around figuring out which patches are
required for a release.

   - 17.2.7 status

   - A few more FS PRs and one core PR then we can start release process

   - Trying to finalize list of PRs needed for 18.2.1

   - General discussion about the process for getting the list of required
   PRs for a given release
      - Using per-release github milestones. E.g. a milestone specifically
      for 18.2.1 rather than just reef

   - Would require fixing some scripts that refer to the milestone


   - For now, continue using etherpad until something more automated exists

   - Create pads a lot earlier

   - Could use existing clt call to try to finalize required PRs for

   - should be on agenda for every clt call

   - couple of build related PRs that were stalled.

   - for a while, it's not possible to build w/FIO

   - PR

   - for a while, it's not possible to "make (or ninja) install" with
   dashboard disabled

   - PR

   - Some more general discussion of how to get more attention for build PRs
      - Laura will start grouping some build PRs with RADOS PRs for
      build/testing in the ci

   - Can make CI builds with CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug



   - relies on us removing centos 8 from all testing suites and dropping
   that as a build target

   - Last Pacific?

   - Yes, 17.2.7, then 18.2.1, then 16.2.15 (final)

   - PTLs will need to go through and find what backports still need to get
   into pacific

   - A lot of open pacific backports right now

  - Adam King
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