Introduce: Storage stability testing and DATA consistency verifying tools and system

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Dear All,

I hope you are all well. I would like to introduce new tools I have developed, named "LBA tools" which including hd_write_verify & hd_write_verify_dump.


pdf: stability testing and DATA consistency verifying tools and system.pdf




Data is a vital asset for many businesses, making storage stability and data consistency the most fundamental requirements in storage technology scenarios.

The purpose of storage stability testing is to ensure that storage devices or systems can operate normally and remain stable over time, while also handling various abnormal situations such as sudden power outages and network failures. This testing typically includes stress testing, load testing, fault tolerance testing, and other evaluations to assess the performance and reliability of the storage system.

Data consistency checking is designed to ensure that the data stored in the system is accurate and consistent. This means that whenever data changes occur, all replicas should be updated simultaneously to avoid data inconsistency. Data consistency checking typically involves aspects such as data integrity, accuracy, consistency, and reliability.

LBA tools are very useful for testing Storage stability and verifying DATA consistency, there are much better than FIO & vdbench's verifying functions.

I believe that LBA tools will have a positive impact on the community and help users handle storage data more effectively. Your feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated, and I hope you can try using LBA tools and share your experiences and recommendations.

Best regards

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