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Hi Yuri (resend it because I forgot to add ccs to MLs.)

2023年10月5日(木) 5:57 Yuri Weinstein <yweinste@xxxxxxxxxx>:


We are getting very close to the next Quincy point release 17.2.7

Here is the list of must-have PRs
We will start the release testing/review/approval process as soon as
all PRs from this list are merged.

If you see something missing please speak up and the dev leads will
make a decision on including it in this release.

IMO, the following PR should also be merged into v17.2.7.

rgw: fix bug with PUT request failing during versioned bucket reshard #52097

This is to fix the potential data loss if PUT and index resharding happens
simultaneously for versioned bucket.
This is marked as "Urgent" in the corresponding issue.

Although the title is not prefixed by "quincy:", it is actually for quincy.

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