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Hi Everyone,
I've been trying to get S3 Select working on our system and whenever I
send a query I get the following in the Payload (Result 200 from RGW):

# aws --endpoint-url http://cephtest1 s3api select-object-content
--bucket test1 --expression-type SQL --input-serialization  '{"CSV":
{"Fieldter": "\"" , "RecordDelimiter" : "\n" , "QuoteEscapeCharacter"
: "\\" , "FileHeaderInfo": "USE" }, "CompressionType": "NONE"}'
--output-serialization '{"CSV": {"FieldDelimiter": ":",
"RecordDelimiter":"\t", "QuoteFields": "ALWAYS"}}' --key
sample_data.csv --expression 'SELECT * from s3object' /dev/stderr

failure -->SELECT * from s3object<---

I also get the same behaviour when accessing via boto3/python.    The
same command/code works when accessing other S3 services.  Am I
missing some config or something?

The test1/sample_data.csv file is there and the account is able to get
the sample_data.csv data.  I've tried uploading a version with unix
endings and Dos endings for the data file.  This is the data file from
the AWS example.

 We're running Pacific and the RGWs are deployed as podman containers
on Rocky 8.8:
ceph version 16.2.14 (238ba602515df21ea7ffc75c88db29f9e5ef12c9) pacific (stable)

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