ingress of haproxy is down after I specify the haproxy.cfg in quincy

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I have a haproxy problem in ceph quincy 17.2.6. Ununtu 22.04
The haproxy image can't be up after I specify the haproxy.cfg, and there is no error in the logs.
I set the haproxy.cfg: ceph config-key set mgr/cephadm/services/ingress/haproxy.cfg -i  haproxy.cfg
If I remove the haproxy, and let cephadm to generate automatically, it works. I tried to create a file same as the cephadm generated, but haproxy were still down.
NAME                                      HOST            PORTS             STATUS         REFRESHED  AGE  MEM USE  MEM LIM  VERSION    IMAGE ID      CONTAINER ID     test01  *:80,9101         error             2m ago   6h        -        -  <unknown>  <unknown>     <unknown>     test02  *:80,9101         error             2m ago   6h        -        -  <unknown>  <unknown>     <unknown>

Any advice on what to do?

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