VM hangs when overwriting a file on erasure coded RBD

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Dear all,

I have a problem that after an OSD host lost connection to the sync/cluster rear network for many hours (the public network was online), a test VM using RBD cant overwrite its files. I can create a new file inside it just fine, but not overwrite it, the process just hangs.

The VM's disk is on an erasure coded data pool and a replicated pool in front of it. EC overwrites is on for the pool.

The custer consists of 5 hosts and 4 OSDs on each, and separate hosts for compute. There is a public and separate cluster network, separated. In this case, the AOC cable to the cluster network went link down on a host and it had to be replaced and the host was rebooted. Recovery took about a week to complete. The host was half-down for about 12 hours like this.

I have some other VMs as well with images in the same pool (totally 4), and they seem to work fine, it is just this one that cant overwrite.

I'm thinking there is somehow something wrong with just this image?


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