Dashboard daemon logging not working

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Has anyone else had issues with exploring Loki after deploying ceph
monitoring services
I'm running 17.2.6.

When clicking on the Ceph dashboard daemon logs (i.e Cluster -> Logs ->
Daemon Logs), it took me through to an embedded Grafana dashboard for
"Dashboard1" so it's not working for me.

I found a workaround by enabling viewer role edit permissions. So I added

viewers_can_edit = true

to my grafana.ini.  After I fixed this, the 'Explore' button appeared in my
Grafana dashboard and I could explore the log files.

If you've hit the same problem and have a better solution, please let me

For anyone who has the same problem and want more details of how I fixed
it, here is what I did:

>From my cephadm shell:
ceph config-key get mgr/cephadm/services/grafana/grafana.ini >

Edit /tmp/grafana.ini and add the line below in red.
# {{ cephadm_managed }}
# Source
  default_theme = light
  *viewers_can_edit = true*

Then updated the config:
ceph config-key set mgr/cephadm/services/grafana/grafana.ini -i

Then a reconfig and restart grafana:
ceph orch reconfig grafana
ceph orch restart grafana

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