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On 20-09-2023 08:44, Patrick Begou wrote:
Hi Patrick,

I agree that learning Ceph today with Octopus is not a good idea, but, as a newbie with this tool, I was not able to solve the HDD detection problem and my post about it on this forum do not provide any help ( I've also looked for a list of new unsupported hardware  between Octopus and Pacific without success. I've also received a private mail from a Sweden user reading the forum last week and having the same HDD detection problem with 17.2.6. He was asking if I have solved it. He tells me he will try to debug.

In my mind, an old version of Ceph on an old material had more chances to be stable and bug free too.

Yes I have created file systems (datacfs) and I can create a snapshot by hand using cephadm. I've just tested:
# ceph fs set datacfs allow_new_snaps true
# ceph-fuse /mnt
# mkdir /mnt/.snap/$(TZ=CET date +%Y-%m-%d:%H-%M-%S)
and I have a snapshot. I can remove it too.

May be today my goal should be:
1- try to undo   "ceph mgr module enable snap_schedule --force" (always a bad idea in my mind to use options like "--force") 2- launch update to nautilus now that all HDDs are configured. In my Ceph learning process there is also the step to test update procedures.

That would be Pacific, as Nautilus is the release before Octopus.

Good luck,

Gr. Stefan
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