Ceph 16.2.x excessive logging, how to reduce?

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Our Ceph 16.2.x cluster managed by cephadm is logging a lot of very
detailed messages, Ceph logs alone on hosts with monitors and several OSDs
has already eaten through 50% of the endurance of the flash system drives
over a couple of years.

Cluster logging settings are default, and it seems that all daemons are
writing lots and lots of debug information to the logs, such as for
example: https://pastebin.com/ebZq8KZk (it's just a snippet, but there's
lots and lots of various information).

Is there a way to reduce the amount of logging and, for example, limit the
logging to warnings or important messages so that it doesn't include every
successful authentication attempt, compaction etc, etc, when the cluster is
healthy and operating normally?

I would very much appreciate your advice on this.

Best regards,
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