Re: Status of IPv4 / IPv6 dual stack?

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On 15-09-2023 09:25, Robert Sander wrote:

as the documentation sends mixed signals in


Binding to IPv4 is enabled by default, so if you just add the option to bind to IPv6 you’ll actually put yourself into dual stack mode."



The ability to bind to multiple ports has paved the way for dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 support. That said, dual-stack operation is not yet supported as of Quincy v17.2.0."

just the quick questions:

Is a dual stacked networking with IPv4 and IPv6 now supported or not?
 From which version on is it considered stable?

IIIRC, the "enable dual" stack PR's were more or less "accidentally" merged, at least that's what Radoslaw Zarzynski (added to CC) told me during the developer summit at Cephalocon in Amsterdam. There was a discussion about dual stack support after that. I voted in favor of not supporting dual stack. Currently there are no IPv6 (only) tests that are performed, it's IPv4 only. Let alone dual stack testing setups. It gets complicated quickly if you want to test all sort of combinations (some daemons with dual stack, some IPv4 only, some IPv6 only, etc.).

Are OSDs now able to register themselves with two IP addresses in the cluster map? MONs too?

At least the OSDs and MDSs can, and caused trouble for kernels with messenger v2 support. We had to disable IPv4 explicitly to get rid of the IPv4 "" addresses in the MDS map. See this thread [1].

Gr. Stefan


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