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Hi All,

We have 3 openstack clusters, each with their  own ceph.  The openstack
versions are identical( using openstack-ansible) and all rgw-keystone
related configs are also the same.

The only difference is the ceph version  .. one is pacific, quincy while
the other (new) one is reef.

The issue with reef is:

Horizon >> Object Storage >> Containers >> Create New Container
In storage-policy , there is nothing in reef   vs   default-placement in
quincy and pacific.
without any policy selected ( due to the form being blank), the "submit"
button to create the container is disabled.

via openstack cli, we are able to create the container, and once created,
we can use horizon to upload/download images etc.  When doing container
show ( in the cli/horizon) it shows that the policy is default-placement.

Can someone guide us on how to troubleshoot and correct this?

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