What is causing *.rgw.log pool to fill up / not be expired (Re: RGW multisite logs (data, md, bilog) not being trimmed automatically?)

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I am unfortunately still observing this issue of the RADOS pool "*.rgw.log" filling up with more and more objects:

On 26.06.23 18:18, Christian Rohmann wrote:

On the primary cluster I am observing an ever growing (objects and bytes) "sitea.rgw.log" pool, not so on the remote "siteb.rgw.log" which is only 300MiB and around 15k objects with no growth. Metrics show that the growth of pool on primary is linear for at least 6 months, so not sudden spikes or anything. Also sync status appears to be totally happy.
There are also no warnings in regards to large OMAPs or anything similar.

Could anybody kindly point me into the right direction to search for the cause of this?
What kinds of logs and data are stored in this pool?

Thanks and with kind regards,


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