Re: Rocksdb compaction and OSD timeout

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On 07-09-2023 19:20, J-P Methot wrote:
We went from 16.2.13 to 16.2.14

Also, timeout is 15 seconds because it's the default in Ceph. Basically, 15 seconds before Ceph shows a warning that OSD is timing out.

We may have found the solution, but it would be, in fact, related to bluestore_allocator and not the compaction process. I'll post the actual resolution when we confirm 100% that it works.

I'm very curious about what comes out of this, so yeah, please share your findings. We have re-provisioned our cluster past couple months, and have kept the "bitmap" allocator for bluestore (non-default). We have one OSD running hybrid for comparison. We want to see if there are any (big) differences in fragmentation over time between the two.

Gr. Stefan
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