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Dear Ceph users,

I just upgraded my cluster to Reef, and with the new version came also a revamped dashboard. Unfortunately the new dashboard is really awful to me:

1) it's no longer possible to see the status of the PGs: in the old dashboard it was very easy to see e.g. how many PGs were recovering, how many scrubbing etc. by clicking on the PG Status widget. Now the interface shows just how many are Ok and how many are working, without details, and I have to go to the command line to understand what's happening (not really comfortable on mobile)

2) The new timeline graphs do not work properly: changing the time frame sometimes produce empty graphs,

3) The instant values in Cluster utilization are refreshed so slowly that I cannot properly monitor the cluster behavior in real time

Is it just me or maybe my impressions are shared by someone else? Is there anything that can be done to improve the situation?


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