A couple OSDs not starting after host reboot

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Hi all,

We rebooted all the nodes in our 17.2.5 cluster after performing kernel updates, but 2 of the OSDs on different nodes are not coming back up. This is a production cluster using cephadm.

The error message from the OSD log is ceph-osd[87340]:  ** ERROR: unable to open OSD superblock on /var/lib/ceph/osd/ceph-665: (2) No such file or directory

The error message from ceph-volume is 2023-08-23T16:12:43.452-0500 7f0cad968600  2 bluestore(/dev/mapper/ceph--febad5a5--ba44--41aa--a39e--b9897f757752-osd--block--87e548f4--b9b5--4ed8--aca8--de703a341a50) _read_bdev_label unable to decode label at offset 102: void bluestore_bdev_label_t::decode(ceph::buffer::v15_2_0::list::const_iterator&) decode past end of struct encoding: Malformed input

We tried restarting the daemons and rebooting the node again, but still see the same error.
Has anyone experienced this issue before? How do we fix this?

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