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Hi Ceph community,

My cluster has lots of logs regarding an error that  ceph-osd. I am encountering the following error message in the logs:

Aug 22 00:01:28 host008 ceph-osd[3877022]: 2023-08-22T00:01:28.347-0700 7fef85251700 -1 Fail to open '/proc/3850681/cmdline' error = (2) No such file or directory

My cluster is working healthy and I am looking to gain a better understanding of this error and its implications for the system's functioning to avoid protencial issue in the future.

root@ceph001:~# ceph -v
ceph version 16.2.13 (b81a1d7f978c8d41cf452da7af14e190542d2ee2) pacific (stable)

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