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I don't know if there's a way to change the path (I assume not except creating a new path and copy the data), but you could set up a directory the "old school" way (mount the root filesystem, create your subdirectory tree) and then convert the directory into a subvolume by setting the subvolume xattr (according to [1]):

# setfattr -n ceph.dir.subvolume -v 1 my/favorite/dir/is/now/a/subvol1

But I'm not sure if that works as expected, I tried with Pacific and Reef but the directory doesn't turn up in 'ceph fs subvolume ls <cephfs>'. Shouldn't it? Or am I misunderstanding hwo it works?


Zitat von Michal Strnad <michal.strnad@xxxxxxxxx>:


I'm trying to figure out how to specify the path for a CephFS subvolume, as it's intended to represent a user's home directory. By default, it's located at /volumes/_nogroup/$NAME/$UUID. Is it possible to change this path somehow, or is using symbolic links the only option?

Thank you
Michal Strnad

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