Re: Cephadm adoption - service reconfiguration changes container image

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Thanks Adam,

Will give it a try today.

From: Adam King <adking@xxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: 15 August 2023 15:40
To: Iain Stott <Iain.Stott@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: ceph-users@xxxxxxx <ceph-users@xxxxxxx>
Subject: Re:  Cephadm adoption - service reconfiguration changes container image

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you could maybe try running "ceph config set global container<>" before running the adoption. It seems it still thinks it should be deploying mons with the default image (<> ) for some reason and maybe that config option is why.

On Tue, Aug 15, 2023 at 7:29 AM Iain Stott <Iain.Stott@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:Iain.Stott@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
Hi Everyone,

We are looking at migrating all our production clusters from ceph-ansible to cephadm. We are currently experiencing an issue where when reconfiguring a service through ceph orch, it will change the running container image for that service which has led to the mgr services running an earlier version than the rest of the cluster, this has caused cephadm/ceph orch to not be able to manage services in the cluster.

Does anyone have any help with this as I cannot find anything in the docs that would correct this.


[root@de1-ceph-mon-ceph-site-a-1 ~]# cephadm --image<> adopt --style legacy --name mon.$(hostname -s)

[root@de1-ceph-mon-ceph-site-a-1 ~]# cat ./mon.yaml
service_type: mon
service_name: mon
  host_pattern: '*mon*'
- -v
- /etc/ceph/ceph.client.admin.keyring:/etc/ceph/ceph.client.admin.keyring

[root@de1-ceph-mon-ceph-site-a-1 ~]# cephadm shell -- ceph config get mgr mgr/cephadm/container_image_base<>

[root@de1-ceph-mon-ceph-site-a-1 ~]# podman ps -a | grep mon
55fe8bc10476<>                                            -n mgr.de1-ceph-m...  5 minutes ago  Up 5 minutes              ceph-da9e9837-a3cf-4482-9a13-790a721598cd-mgr-de1-ceph-mon-ceph-site-a-1

[root@de1-ceph-mon-ceph-site-a-1 ~]# cat ./mon.yaml | cephadm --image<> shell -- ceph orch apply -i -
Inferring fsid da9e9837-a3cf-4482-9a13-790a721598cd
Scheduled mon update...

[root@de1-ceph-mon-ceph-site-a-1 ~]# podman ps -a | grep mon
ecec1d62c719<>                      -n mon.de1-ceph-m...  25 seconds ago  Up 26 seconds              ceph-da9e9837-a3cf-4482-9a13-790a721598cd-mon-de1-ceph-mon-ceph-site-a-1

[root@de1-ceph-mon-ceph-site-a-2 ~]# ceph versions
    "mon": {
        "ceph version 16.2.5-387-g7282d81d (7282d81d2c500b5b0e929c07971b72444c6ac424) pacific (stable)": 3
    "mgr": {
        "ceph version 16.2.9 (4c3647a322c0ff5a1dd2344e039859dcbd28c830) pacific (stable)": 3
    "osd": {
        "ceph version 16.2.9 (4c3647a322c0ff5a1dd2344e039859dcbd28c830) pacific (stable)": 8
    "mds": {},
    "rgw": {
        "ceph version 16.2.9 (4c3647a322c0ff5a1dd2344e039859dcbd28c830) pacific (stable)": 3
    "overall": {
        "ceph version 16.2.5-387-g7282d81d (7282d81d2c500b5b0e929c07971b72444c6ac424) pacific (stable)": 3,
        "ceph version 16.2.9 (4c3647a322c0ff5a1dd2344e039859dcbd28c830) pacific (stable)": 14

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