Multiple CephFS mounts and FSCache

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Hello everyone,

I've been trying to use CephFS and mix it together with fscache, however i was never able to have multiple mounts with fscache enabled.
Is this a known intentional limitation or a bug?
It would be possible to work around it by mounting the root of the filesystem and using bind mounts but i have separate volumes that need to be separately mounted.

How to replicate:
mount -t ceph -o fsc admin@.filesystem1=/path1 /tmp/one # Succeeds
mount -t ceph -o fsc admin@.filesystem1=/path2 /tmp/two # Fails complaining about no mds being available

The alternative of using no fscache works just fine:
mount -t ceph admin@.filesystem1=/path1 /tmp/one # Succeeds
mount -t ceph admin@.filesystem1=/path2 /tmp/two # Succeeds

- ceph quincy 17.2.6
- linux 6.4.6
- cachefilesd 0.10.10

Alex D.
RedXen System & Infrastructure Administration

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