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Konstantin Shalygin wrote:
> Hi,
> In most cases the 'Alternative' distro like Alma or Rocky have outdated versions
> of packages, if we compared it with CentOS Stream 8 or CentOS Stream 9. For example is a
> golang package, on c8s is a 1.20 version on Alma still 1.19
> You can try to use c8s/c9s or try to contribute to your distro to resolve dependency
> issues
> k

By definition, the stable version of anything is going to have "outdated versions of packages," so that's not really what's going on here.

You did, unintentionally, give me the clue I needed, though. I accessed the Ceph repos from Rocky's Extras repo, which includes centos-release-ceph-quincy

centos-release-ceph-pacific.noarch                            1.0-2.el9                          CEC_Rocky_Linux_9_Rocky_92_extras
centos-release-ceph-quincy.noarch                             1.0-2.el9                          CEC_Rocky_Linux_9_Rocky_92_extras
centos-release-cloud.noarch                                   1-1.el9                            CEC_Rocky_Linux_9_Rocky_92_extras

Which is pointing to 9-stream. (I do remember seeing "9s" in the repo names, but I didn't connect it with Stream, since I don't do Stream in production and, honestly, I don't have enough time at work to do Stream in test, so...)

>From /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Ceph-Quincy.repo:

Which is why I'm getting different dependencies. THAT I can take to the Rocky folks to get sorted. I can see where that would cause confusion, as it did in my case. When I originally installed Ceph, I was using RHEL, not Rocky and I didn't use (or have?) the Extras repo. I copied the repo over and edited it to point to Ceph Reef EL9, which installed fine -- and confused me further, but makes sense now since it wasn't for Stream.

I'll roll my own repo files and not use the centos-release-ceph-* from Extras. Hopefully, this saves someone else a bit of grief later!

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