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Am 03/08/2023 um 00:30 schrieb Yuri Weinstein:
> 1. bookworm distro build support
> We will not build bookworm until Debian bug
> is resolved

FYI, there's also a bug in Debian's GCC 12, which is used by default
in Debian Bookworm, that causes issues with the gf-complete erasure
coding library and older AMD CPU's generating illegal instructions
which then kills e.g. the ceph-mon

Their workaround is to compile gf-complete explicitly with -O1:

While we (Proxmox) saw it for Ceph Quincy and didn't yet confirm it
for upcoming Ceph Reef, it's quite likely still there as the compiler
here seems to be at fault (and gf-complete code didn't change since
quincy FWICT).

- Thomas
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