ceph-volume lvm migrate error

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I need some help with this please.  The command below gives and error which is not helpful to me.

ceph-volume lvm migrate --osd-id 14 --osd-fsid 4de2a617-4452-420d-a99b-9e0cd6b2a99b --from db wal --target NodeC-nvme1/NodeC-nvme-LV-RocksDB1
--> Source device list is empty
Unable to migrate to : NodeC-nvme1/NodeC-nvme-LV-RocksDB1

Alternatively I have tried to only specify --from db instead of including wal, but it makes no difference.

Here is the OSD in question.

# ls -la /dev/ceph-025b887e-4f06-468f-845c-0ddf9ad04990/
lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root    7 Dec 25  2022 osd-block-4de2a617-4452-420d-a99b-9e0cd6b2a99b -> ../dm-4

What is happening here?  I want to move the DB/WAL to NVMe storage without trashing the data OSD and having to go through rebalancing for each drive I do this for.



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