RGW multi-site recovery

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I have 3 Luminous (12.2.12) clusters setup with rgw multi-site. One cluster
recently suffered data loss from PGs lost to bad SSDs. We're looking at how
to recover from this scenario. The other two clusters are healthy.

Will RGW sync the missing data? Do buckets and objects need to be restored
using rclone?

>From `radosgw-admin sync error list`, these are the error types:

$ cat sync-error-list | jq -r '.[].entries[].info.message'  | sort -h |
uniq -c | sort -h

      2 failed to sync bucket instance: (13) Permission denied

      3 failed to sync object(13) Permission denied

    100 failed to sync bucket instance: (125) Operation canceled

    239 failed to sync bucket instance: (5) Input/output error

    404 failed to read remote metadata entry: (11) Resource temporarily

   2148 failed to sync object(5) Input/output error


Gregory O’Neill
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