[rbd-mirror] can't enable journal-based image mirroring

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The Ceph cluster is with Pacific v16.2.10.
"rbd mirror image enable <image> journal" seems not working.
Any clues what I'm missing? There is no error messages from the CLI.
Any way to troubleshooting?

# rbd mirror pool info volume-ssd
Mode: image
Site Name: 35d050c0-77c0-11eb-9242-2cea7ff9d07c

Peer Sites: 

UUID: 86eacc0f-6657-4742-8daf-2942ea23affd
Name: qa
Mirror UUID: 
Direction: rx-tx
Client: client.infra

# rbd feature enable volume-ssd/volume-aceee005-265e-44ea-a591-b6dda639a76b journaling                                                

# rbd mirror image enable volume-ssd/volume-aceee005-265e-44ea-a591-b6dda639a76b journal

# rbd info volume-ssd/volume-aceee005-265e-44ea-a591-b6dda639a76b
rbd image 'volume-aceee005-265e-44ea-a591-b6dda639a76b':
        size 40 GiB in 10240 objects
        order 22 (4 MiB objects)
        snapshot_count: 0
        id: e6fce674350e55
        block_name_prefix: rbd_data.e6fce674350e55
        format: 2
        features: layering, exclusive-lock, object-map, fast-diff, deep-flatten, journaling
        create_timestamp: Sun Jul 30 22:21:09 2023
        access_timestamp: Mon Jul 31 00:36:20 2023
        modify_timestamp: Mon Jul 31 08:01:26 2023
        parent: image/801d1850-de2f-443b-a30c-71966e90c118@snap
        overlap: 10 GiB
        journal: e6fce674350e55
        mirroring state: disabled

# rbd mirror image status volume-ssd/volume-aceee005-265e-44ea-a591-b6dda639a76b
rbd: mirroring not enabled on the image

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