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After doing a 'radosgw-admin metadata sync init' on a secondary site in a 2-cluster multisite configuration, (See my previous post on doing a quincy upgade with sts roles manually synced between primary and secondary), and letting it sync all metadata from a master zone, I get the following as a large omap object warning on the secondary site:
(from ceph health detail):
"1 large objects found in pool <zone>.rgw.log"

And in ceph.log:
"Large omap object found. Object: 87.adcf1188:::meta.full-sync.index.0:head PG 87.abcdfdff (87.0) Key count: 1234567 Size (bytes) 0"
I know about large omap objects, and because this is in the log pool, I should be able to delete it with the rados utility. (And do a deep scrub on the pg. Am I correct?
Looks like old bucket metadata is still there even though the buckets have been deleted.

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