Upgrade 16.2.11 -> 17.2.0 failed

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Dear List,

Today i was sucessfully upgrading with cephadm from 16.2.8 -> 16.2.9 -> 16.2.10 -> 16.2.11

Now i wanted to upgrade to 17.2.0 but after starting the upgrade with

# ceph orch upgrade start --ceph-version 17.2.0

The orch manager module seems to be gone now and the upgrade don't seem to run.

# ceph orch upgrade status
Error ENOENT: No orchestrator configured (try `ceph orch set backend`)

# ceph orch set backend cephadm
Error ENOENT: Module not found

During the failed upgrade all nodes had the 16.2.11 cephadm installed.

Fortunately the cluster is still running... somehow. I installed the latest 17.2.X cephadm on all
nodes and rebooted them nodes, but this didn't help.

Does someone have a hint?

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