Re: Theory about min_size and its implications

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thank you Robert!

this sounds like split brain again... but we have a quorum system by using 3 monitor nodes. so only the room with the majority of the ceph-mons is available for I/O. 
if the room with the majority of the ceph-mons is the one that is cut-off, I suppose we'd need to do this:
go into the room, shut off the two ceph-mons and then force the other room to start working, right?

shuting down down the 2 ceph-mons (in the offline room) would avoid the split-brain scenario:

'If you now allow changes in the "smaller" room in addition to changes in 
the room with two copies you immediately get a conflict as soon as the 
network connection between both rooms is reestablished.' 

or am I wrong? but well, I get why keeping min_size at 2 makes sense but wasn't sure about setting it to 1 in certain scenarios
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