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Hey guys,

most of my osds have HDD for block and SSD for db. But according to "ceph osd metadata"  bluefs_db_type = hdd and bluefs_db_rotational = 1.

lsblk -o name, rota reveals the following (sdb is db device for 3 hdds):

sdb                                                                                                                      0
├─ceph--block--dbs--b77a8d7c--bdb5--420b--ad27--65e1d5080550-osd--block--db--b164ba4c--48c9--41a0--8b5e--ae3a6a23a22c    1
├─ceph--block--dbs--b77a8d7c--bdb5--420b--ad27--65e1d5080550-osd--block--db--1c7aa9a1--791d--4ed6--8049--9fba8d5ac828    1
└─ceph--block--dbs--b77a8d7c--bdb5--420b--ad27--65e1d5080550-osd--block--db--ec92f9c6--d651--46ed--b6cd--4cf37c8ce284    1

I am pretty sure sdb had rota 0 during osd deployment (still has, but lvm volumes don’t).

Question 1:
Is the output of osd metadata for bluefs_db_type and bluefs_db_rotational relevant for how the osd process is treating the disks? (or does it just reflect the value of /sys/block/<device>/queue/rotational?)

Question 2:
How can I verify that the osd process is treating the db device as an ssd? If i remember correctly, the osd process is using different parameters if db is on SSD instead of HDD.

Best regards

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