ceph-volume lvm new-db fails

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After upgrading to ceph 17.1.0 I'm unable to move block.db to a separate SSD:

root@miles:~# ceph-volume lvm new-db --osd-id 0 --osd-fsid bc016bac-a0cc-4909-89dd-6db05193ddbc --target vg-cephdisk0/blockdb

--> Making new volume at /dev/vg-cephdisk0/blockdb for OSD: 0 (/var/lib/ceph/osd/ceph-0)
 stdout: inferring bluefs devices from bluestore path
stderr: Might need DB size specification, please set Ceph bluestore-block-db-size config parameter
--> failed to attach new volume, error code:1
--> Undoing lv tag set
Failed to attach new volume: vg-cephdisk0/blockdb

I've tried to find out where to set bluestore-block-db-size, but it seems this might be an internal problem in ceph-volume?

Before upgrading I was using ceph 16.2.7 and the above worked fine. Does anyone have an idea?

Some more info below:

root@miles:~# ceph --version
ceph version 17.1.0 (c675060073a05d40ef404d5921c81178a52af6e0) quincy (dev)
root@miles:~# blockdev --getsize64 /dev/vg-cephdisk0/blockdb
root@miles:~# ceph-volume lvm list

====== osd.0 =======

  [block]       /dev/vg-cephdisk0/ceph-block-0

      block device              /dev/vg-cephdisk0/ceph-block-0
      block uuid                g77x8j-gokx-CTXC-2cQ3-Fz6h-XyHZ-0CE7el
      cephx lockbox secret
      cluster fsid              660010bf-080c-48c0-9d68-a48019168206
      cluster name              ceph
      crush device class        None
      db device                 /dev/vg-cephdisk0/blockdb
      db uuid                   wrKZUc-67us-6Vna-IUd9-Iidl-3TgL-d71x6X
      encrypted                 0
      osd fsid                  bc016bac-a0cc-4909-89dd-6db05193ddbc
      osd id                    0
      osdspec affinity
      type                      block
      vdo                       0
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