Pacific 16.2.6: Trying to get an RGW running for a scond zonegroup in an existing realm

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Maybe someone who knows the commands can help me with my problem ....

I have a small 6-node cluster running with 16.2.6 using cephadm and another one with the same versions.
Both clusters are exlusively used for RGW/S3.
I have a realm myrealm, a zonegroup zg1 and zones on both cluster, one is zone1, master, the other zone2
I have RGWs running in both clusters behind HAproxy deployed via ceph orch and labels and they work just fine.

Now I want to add a second zonegroup zg2 on the first cluster, with a zone zone21, master, and no secondary zone.
And, to use that zone I want to deploy another RGW for it.

So, I did mostly the same as for the first zonegroup (nceph03 is a node in the first cluster, the label rgwnosync is set and the keys are correct):

radosgw-admin zonegroup create --rgw-zonegroup=zg2 --endpoints= --rgw-realm=myrealm
radosgw-admin zone create --rgw-zonegroup=zg2 --rgw-zone=zone21 --master --endpoints=

radosgw-admin zone modify --rgw-zonegroup=zg2 --rgw-zone=zone21 --access-key=ackey --secret=sekey

radosgw-admin zonegroup add --rgw-zonegroup=zg2 --rgw-zone=zone21

radosgw-admin period update --commit

Everything looks as expected (by me) up to this point. But then I try to add an RGW process for that zone:

ceph orch apply rgw zone21 --realm=myrealm --rgw-zonegroup=zg2 --zone=zone21 '--placement=label:rgwnosync count-per-host:1' --port=8080

The process comes up and dies spitting out the messages in the log:

...  1 rgw main: Cannot find zone id=f9151746-09e9-4854-9159-9df35a3457bf (name=zone21), switching to local zonegroup configuration
... -1 rgw main: Cannot find zone id=f9151746-09e9-4854-9159-9df35a3457bf (name=zone21)
...  0 rgw main: ERROR: failed to start notify service ((22) Invalid argument
...  0 rgw main: ERROR: failed to init services (ret=(22) Invalid argument)
... -1 Couldn't init storage provider (RADOS)

Somehow it looks like radosgw is looking for that zone in the default master zonegroup zg1 and I can't figure out how to tell it to use zg2.

I've tried variations of the "ceph orch apply rgw" command with and w/o zonegroup, with and w/o realm=, and a whole lot more, but nothing seems to make any difference.
Even tried putting stuff in various ceph.conf files (although I already know it's ignored)

Do I miss some step or command or setting or ...

Any help would be appreciated.

Ciao, Uli
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