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I am trying to implement jaeger tracing in RGW, I need some advice
regarding on which functions should I actually tracing to get a good actual
performance status of clusters

Till now I am able to deduce followings :
1.I think we need to provide tracing functions where the `rgw` is
communicating with the librados, (particularly the librgw where the
communication is actually happening), because http request and response not
to be considered for tracing because that depends on clients internet speed.
2.In librgw the functions like this here
its corresponding overloading methods and also the this function here
its corresponding overloaded functions.
3.I see that pools are ultimately used to enter the crush algorithm for
writing data, so I think the ceation of pools should also be taken into
account while tracing,(creation of pool should be main span and these
be its child span).

Functionality of buckets like that of this
do not require tracing beacuse they are http requests.

Any kind of guidance will be of great help.

Thank You.
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