Re: [ceph-users] Help with setting device-class rule on pool without causing data to move

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Thanks, Sage! That did the trick.

Wido, seems like an interesting approach but I wasn't brave enough to attempt it!

Eric, I suppose this does the same thing that the crushtool reclassify feature does?

Thank you both for your suggestions.

For posterity:

-  I grabbed some 14.0.1 packages, extracted crushtool and
- Ran 'crushtool -i cm --reclassify --reclassify-root default hdd -o cm_reclassified'
- Compared the maps with:

crushtool -i cm --compare cm_reclassified

That suggested I would get an acceptable amount of data reshuffling which I expected, I didn't use --set-subtree-class as I'd already added SSD drives to the cluster.

My ultimate goal was to migrate the cephfs_metadata pool onto SSD drives while leaving the cephfs_data pool on the HDD drives. The device classes feature made that really trivial, I just created an intermediary rule which would use both HDD and SDD hosts (I didn't have any mixed devices in hosts), set the Metadata pool to use the new rule, waited for recovery and then set the Metadata pool to use an SSD-only rule. Not sure if that intermediary stage was strictly necessary, I was concerned about inactive PGs.


On Mon, Dec 31, 2018 at 6:06 PM Eric Goirand <egoirand@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi David,

CERN has provided with a python script to swap the correct bucket IDs (default <-> hdd), you can find it here :

The principle is the following :
- extract the CRUSH map 
- run the script on it => it creates a new CRUSH file.
- edit the CRUSH map and modify the rule associated with the pool(s) you want to associate with HDD OSDs only like : 
=> step take default WITH step take default class hdd

Then recompile and reinject the new CRUSH map and voilà !

Your cluster should be using only the HDD OSDs without rebalancing (or a very small amount).

In case you have forgotten something, just reapply the former CRUSH map and start again.

Cheers and Happy new year 2019.


On Sun, Dec 30, 2018, 21:16 David C <dcsysengineer@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi All

I'm trying to set the existing pools in a Luminous cluster to use the hdd device-class but without moving data around. If I just create a new rule using the hdd class and set my pools to use that new rule it will cause a huge amount of data movement even though the pgs are all already on HDDs.

There is a thread on ceph-large [1] which appears to have the solution but I can't get my head around what I need to do. I'm not too clear on which IDs I need to swap. Could someone give me some pointers on this please?

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