question about tcp streams

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I'm wondering if anybody running large clusters has seen pressure or 
problems with the large number of TCP streams between OSDs.  Is this a 
problem?  Intuitively it sort of seems like it shouldn't be (10s of OSDs x 
~100 peers -> 1000s of TCP streams on the backend doesn't seem like much, 
especially compared to the number of *client* TCP connections).  But I 
want to check and see what you guys see...

I'm asking because the idea of multiplexing multiple logical OSDs on 
the same host running in a single process across a single stream has come 
up as an important change for supporting RDMA for large clusters, where 
there is some limitation in the number of streams you can have (I think 
because of the reserved memory you need for each stream?).  I'm 
questioning whether this is an important goal since RDMA seems less 
relevant/important and I don't think there is a similar problem on the TCP 

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