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On 05/01/2017 08:34 PM, Chris Jones (BLOOMBERG/ 120 PARK) wrote:

Chris Jones,

How do you guys do it? PXE yourself and continue with Ceph OR have cluster handed over to you with base OS and keys? Curious how everyone else is provisioning their cluster hardware (large or small).

We have a dedicated team of people in our DC that 'rack and cable' the servers and they also configure the OOB management interface (ILO/DRAC). After that we prepare the server for the installation with a script that configures the RAID controller (OS = mirror, OSDs are JBOD) and changes some boot parameters so that it can boot via PXE. The preparation script also configures our DHCP server with a temporary boot file for that specific server and (re)boots the server so that the installation is triggered via PXE.

When the server is booted with the PXE installer (custom made), the BIOS and firmwares are upgraded and the OS will be installed.  At the end of the installation phase, the server will be configured and maintained with Puppet.

With regards,

Richard Arends.
Snow BV /
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