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Hi list members,

A new list so let's introduce myself and the reason why i am here. My name is Richard Arends and I work (as a contractor) for a Dutch government organisation. There we have currently 2 Ceph clusters running, one Firefly cluster that's in the progress of being dismantled (160 OSD's) and a Hammer cluster 1900(ish) OSD's. We use Ceph as storage component for Openstack and also for storing objects direct from our own software stack (java based).

In the progress of building and maintaining Ceph we had our share of (performance) problems and used the Ceph maillinglists and the information from Cern (hi Dan) to overcome this. Our Ceph setup is pretty straightforward, but in the feature we probably have to make some changes (journal on SSD instead of spinning disks).

Thanks for creating this list. If anyone likes more info of our setup, i have no problem in sharing the technical details.



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