Re: [PATCH] ceph: remove SLAB_MEM_SPREAD flag usage

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On 2/26/24 10:42, Chengming Zhou wrote:
On 2024/2/26 09:43, Xiubo Li wrote:
Hi Chengming,

Thanks for your patch.

BTW, could you share the link of the relevant patches to mark this a no-op ?
Update changelog to make it clearer:

The SLAB_MEM_SPREAD flag used to be implemented in SLAB, which was
removed as of v6.8-rc1, so it became a dead flag. And the series[1]
went on to mark it obsolete to avoid confusion for users. Here we
can just remove all its users, which has no functional change.


Thanks for your quick feedback.

BTW, I couldn't find this change in Linus' tree in the master and even the v6.8-rc1 tag, please see

Did I miss something ? Or has this patch been merged ?

- Xiubo



- Xiubo

On 2/24/24 21:47, chengming.zhou@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
From: Chengming Zhou <zhouchengming@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

The SLAB_MEM_SPREAD flag is already a no-op as of 6.8-rc1, remove
its usage so we can delete it from slab. No functional change.

Signed-off-by: Chengming Zhou <zhouchengming@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
   fs/ceph/super.c | 18 +++++++++---------
   1 file changed, 9 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)

diff --git a/fs/ceph/super.c b/fs/ceph/super.c
index 5ec102f6b1ac..4dcbbaa297f6 100644
--- a/fs/ceph/super.c
+++ b/fs/ceph/super.c
@@ -928,36 +928,36 @@ static int __init init_caches(void)
       ceph_inode_cachep = kmem_cache_create("ceph_inode_info",
                         sizeof(struct ceph_inode_info),
                         __alignof__(struct ceph_inode_info),
-                      SLAB_ACCOUNT, ceph_inode_init_once);
+                      ceph_inode_init_once);
       if (!ceph_inode_cachep)
           return -ENOMEM;
   -    ceph_cap_cachep = KMEM_CACHE(ceph_cap, SLAB_MEM_SPREAD);
+    ceph_cap_cachep = KMEM_CACHE(ceph_cap, 0);
       if (!ceph_cap_cachep)
           goto bad_cap;
-    ceph_cap_snap_cachep = KMEM_CACHE(ceph_cap_snap, SLAB_MEM_SPREAD);
+    ceph_cap_snap_cachep = KMEM_CACHE(ceph_cap_snap, 0);
       if (!ceph_cap_snap_cachep)
           goto bad_cap_snap;
       ceph_cap_flush_cachep = KMEM_CACHE(ceph_cap_flush,
-                       SLAB_RECLAIM_ACCOUNT|SLAB_MEM_SPREAD);
+                       SLAB_RECLAIM_ACCOUNT);
       if (!ceph_cap_flush_cachep)
           goto bad_cap_flush;
         ceph_dentry_cachep = KMEM_CACHE(ceph_dentry_info,
+                    SLAB_RECLAIM_ACCOUNT);
       if (!ceph_dentry_cachep)
           goto bad_dentry;
   -    ceph_file_cachep = KMEM_CACHE(ceph_file_info, SLAB_MEM_SPREAD);
+    ceph_file_cachep = KMEM_CACHE(ceph_file_info, 0);
       if (!ceph_file_cachep)
           goto bad_file;
   -    ceph_dir_file_cachep = KMEM_CACHE(ceph_dir_file_info, SLAB_MEM_SPREAD);
+    ceph_dir_file_cachep = KMEM_CACHE(ceph_dir_file_info, 0);
       if (!ceph_dir_file_cachep)
           goto bad_dir_file;
   -    ceph_mds_request_cachep = KMEM_CACHE(ceph_mds_request, SLAB_MEM_SPREAD);
+    ceph_mds_request_cachep = KMEM_CACHE(ceph_mds_request, 0);
       if (!ceph_mds_request_cachep)
           goto bad_mds_req;

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