Re: [PATCH] ceph: increment refcount before usage

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On 2/1/24 19:37, ridave@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
From: Rishabh Dave <ridave@xxxxxxxxxx>

In fs/ceph/caps.c, in "encode_cap_msg()", "use after free" error was
caught by KASAN at this line - 'ceph_buffer_get(arg->xattr_buf);'. This
implies before the refcount could be increment here, it was freed.

In same file, in "handle_cap_grant()" refcount is decremented by this
line - "ceph_buffer_put(ci->i_xattrs.blob);". It appears that a race
occurred and resource was freed by the latter line before the former
could increment it.

encode_cap_msg() is called by __send_cap() and __send_cap() is called by
ceph_check_caps() after calling __prep_cap(). __prep_cap() is where
"arg->xattr_buf" is assigned to "ci->i_xattrs.blob" . This is the spot
where the refcount must be increased to prevent "use after free" error.

Signed-off-by: Rishabh Dave <ridave@xxxxxxxxxx>
  fs/ceph/caps.c | 3 ++-
  1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/fs/ceph/caps.c b/fs/ceph/caps.c
index 5501c86b337d..0ca7dce48172 100644
--- a/fs/ceph/caps.c
+++ b/fs/ceph/caps.c
@@ -1452,7 +1452,7 @@ static void __prep_cap(struct cap_msg_args *arg, struct ceph_cap *cap,
  	if (flushing & CEPH_CAP_XATTR_EXCL) {
  		arg->old_xattr_buf = __ceph_build_xattrs_blob(ci);
  		arg->xattr_version = ci->i_xattrs.version;
-		arg->xattr_buf = ci->i_xattrs.blob;
+		arg->xattr_buf = ceph_buffer_get(ci->i_xattrs.blob);
  	} else {
  		arg->xattr_buf = NULL;
  		arg->old_xattr_buf = NULL;
@@ -1553,6 +1553,7 @@ static void __send_cap(struct cap_msg_args *arg, struct ceph_inode_info *ci)
  	encode_cap_msg(msg, arg);
  	ceph_con_send(&arg->session->s_con, msg);
+	ceph_buffer_put(arg->xattr_buf);
  	if (arg->wake)

Applied to the ceph-client's 'testing' branch and will run the tests.


- Xiubo

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