Re: [PATCH v5 15/40] netfs: Add support for DIO buffering

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> This will break the build with versions of clang that have support for
> counted_by (as it has been reverted in main but reapplication to main is
> being actively worked on) because while annotating pointers with this
> attribute is a goal of the counted_by attribute, it is not ready yet.
> Please consider removing this and adding a TODO to annotate it when
> support is available.

It's really unpleasant that we keep getting new attributes that we
seemingly are encouraged to use and get sent patches for it. And then we
learn a little later that that stuff isn't ready yet. It's annoying. I
know it isn't your fault but it would be wise to be a little more
careful. IOW, unless both clang and gcc do support that thing
appropriately don't send patches to various subsystems for this.

In any case, this is now fixed. I pulled an updated version from David.

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