Re: Tomcat 7 in CentOS 7.9

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you can see the latest Tomcat builds for CentOS 7 here:

You can check the list of security issues for Tomcat 7 here:

You will notice that there is a gap of roughly two and a half years.
So no, fixes are not backported and those packages are not safe to use.

Kind regards,

Am 21.06.2023 17:19, schrieb Andrea Grillini:
I know Tomcat 7 has reached the EOL.
Still it is available as the only option for Tomcat in the CentOS 7.9
How can I know whether security backports are available in CentOS 7 for all
packages related to Tomcat 7? Are those rpm packages still safe?

Thanks in advance!

Andrea Grillini
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