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Running C7 and using geany 1.37 which is the latest version available for C7 in EPEL. geany-plugins in EPEL, however, are at 1.38 and there is a bug in one of the plugins that could conceivably be due to version mismatch.

I have just spent two hours searching high and low to see if there might be a site where geany-plugins-1.37 could be found but to no avail. I have found 1.31 on several sites and, of course, 1.38 since many mirror EPEL.

I have relied on cern.ch in the past and hoped they might have it but could not find geany at all searching their site.

I should also add that I could not get the source code for 1.37 to compile on my system due to some tool that is too old so did not pursue that further.

Is anyone running 1.37 under C 7 and can confirm that projectmanager plugin is at 1.37?


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