Re: EL9/udev generates wrong device nodes/symlinks with HPE Smart Array controller

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Simon Matter <simon.matter@xxxxxxxxx>
> 2) some symlinks created by udev are just wrong and therefore very
> dangerous to use:
> scsi-SHP_LOGICAL_VOLUME_500143801722C0B0 -> ../../sda
> scsi-SHP_LOGICAL_VOLUME_500143801722C0B0-part1 -> ../../sdb1
> scsi-SHP_LOGICAL_VOLUME_500143801722C0B0-part2 -> ../../sdb2

   I think it maybe caused by sd driver asynchronous scanning.
   I am lucky that I didn't see this before. nvme may have similar
issues, but nvme has boot parameter to avoid it.
   Suse has boot parameter to avoid it.
   with EL9 we will wait until EL 9.3 if we are lucky.
   I had report issue:
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