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On 10/02/2023 18:07, Joshua Kramer wrote:
This may provide the answer you are looking for: it's being deprecated in
favor of Cockpit.

I know it's not a full answer but at least it works fine for me with :
- distrobox
- a stream 8 box/container that has virt-manager

If you don't know distrobox (available in epel9) it's really a pleasure to work with : I have some containers (Fedora 36, stream 8, stream 9) from which I have gui apps seamlessly integrated into my RHEL 9 desktop :

sudo dnf install distrobox # needs epel9
distrobox-create --name stream8box --image --yes distrobox enter stream8box # init container for distrobox usage and enter stream 8 shell

and then BAU: from the shell in container :
sudo dnf install virt-manager && virt-manager

Bonus point to then export the app to your own desktop menu and you'll not have to start container : it will be done for you :

distrobox-export --app virt-manager
Application virt-manager successfully exported.
virt-manager will appear in your applications list in a few seconds.

It's then available in your gnome apps menu (it created the needed .desktop app as shortcut)

I'm using some other apps like this (including OBS-Studio, etc) and it's a charm ...

Hope it helps :)

Fabian Arrotin
The CentOS Project |
gpg key: 17F3B7A1 | @arrfab[]

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