Re: CentOS Stream 9 virt-install via loop-mounted ISO fails

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Am 17.01.23 um 17:34 schrieb Jos Vos:

I've loop-mounted the latest CentOS Stream 9 DVD ISO and try to do
a virt-install (2.0.x for some reason) as non-root user (libvirt
group member) using --location with the mount path, but then I
come across the problem decribed here:

That is, I see on the console "Starting dracut initqueue hook...",
then it stalls for a while, and then I get all the timeouts
described in the bug report.

Any suggestions for a workaround (with virt-install 2.0.x and
as non-root user)?

Dor some reason I need to use virt-install 2.0.x as non-root to
install CentOS Stream 9.  The "normal" way, specifying a URL
with --location, does not work because it fails with permission
denied for losetup.  It looks like virt-install 3.2.x does not
have this problem anymore.

Does the same happen when using the ISO file directly as location argument?

 -l /.../CentOS.iso


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