CentOS 7: Missing Thunderbird Updates

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Looks like CentOS 7 hasn't shipped Thunderbird updates for a while.  The latest I see in repos is:

Sep  1 15:22 thunderbird-91.13.0-1.el7.centos.x86_64.rpm

Perusing through the RHEL announcements, that was from the RHSA-2022:6169-01 on 2022-08-24.  Seems none of the 102.x versions have shipped:

2022-09-26 RHSA-2022:6710-01 thunderbird-102.3.0-3.el7_9.x86_64.rpm

2022-10-18 RHSA-2022:6998-01 thunderbird-102.3.0-4.el7_9.x86_64.rpm

2022-10-25 RHSA-2022:7184-01 thunderbird-102.4.0-1.el7_9.x86_64.rpm

And for completeness, just announced today:

2022-11-21 RHSA-2022:8555-01 thunderbird-102.5.0-2.el7_9.x86_64.rpm

Thanks in advance for efforts to find and clear the blockage!

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