Re: Where can I find more information on the recent update to the 4.18.0-373 kernel

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On 4/21/22 09:29, Johnny Hughes wrote:
On 4/20/22 16:16, Kay Schenk wrote:
Hi Joshua, and list...

I got the non-workng sound driver for Intel HDA fixed with my kernel 4.18.0-373.

After removing the extra kernel flag i915_alpha from my command line

(see instructions when this module really was alpha --,

I used the instructions given by

Syaifur Rizal <>

in this post...

I had a feeling I needed a modprobe.d entry but I didn't know what the syntax would be.

In any case, posting more info in case anyone needs it.

On 4/20/22 10:54, Kay Schenk wrote:

Thank you Joshua. If I can't get this resolved by the end of this week, I'll use your suggestion.

On 4/19/22 15:32, Joshua Kramer wrote:
I'm not sure how much freedom you have with your setup, but you could
always try to use the elrepo-ml or elrepo-lt kernels.  The elrepo-ml kernel follows the published version pretty closely, so for example right now I'm running 5.17.3 on my el8 boxes.  The newer kernels solve a lot of hardware

On Tue, Apr 19, 2022 at 5:54 PM Kay Schenk<kay.schenk@xxxxxxxxx>  wrote:

Hello folks --

Is there any write up for the most recent update to kernel 4.18.0-373
specifically with respect to sound setup or anything really? I had been using an "alpha" driver for my Intel sound that was appended to my boot
line up until this latest. This not only did not work but caused
continual hangs. Edited the 4.18.0-373 kernel line and things got
somewhat better...but....this version is loading A LOT of modules and do
I really need them, etc.

I am going through a lot of grief with this recent upgrade.

Thanks for any help...

-- Kay

I am getting ready to push a -383 kernel in a few minutes (if you still need an update)

Right now...kernel 4.18.0-373 is absolutely useless. Boots then goes out to lunch. Period.

Given your reply about a new kernel -- and I see other updates as well.

Centos 8 was SUPPOSED to be out of service in Dec, 2021. I was not paying attention to this. UGH!

So...what can we expect in terms of ANY updates to the CentOS 8 line at this point?

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