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I sure did try that.  I also tried to install devtools (no luck there).

[root@localhost source]# yum list installed binutils* gcc-c++* libc-devel*
Installed Packages
binutils.armv7hl 2.27-44.base.el7_9.1                                     @updates gcc-c++.armv7hl 4.8.5-44.el7                                             @base


[root@localhost source]# gcc -v --help 2>/dev/null| grep '\-std=c++'
  -ansi                       A synonym for -std=c89 (for C) or -std=c++98 (for   -std=c++03                  Conform to the ISO 1998 C++ standard revised by
  -std=c++0x                  Deprecated in favor of -std=c++11
  -std=c++11                  Conform to the ISO 2011 C++ standard
  -std=c++1y                  Conform to the ISO 201y(7?) C++ draft standard   -std=c++98                  Conform to the ISO 1998 C++ standard revised by

So looks like gcc-c++ 4.8.5-44 only gets me to C++11.  Almost there.  For some reason I decided to use std::filesystem a bunch of places and it looks like it is only supported in C++17.

On 4/25/2022 3:06 PM, Robert Heller wrote:
Did you try:

sudo yum install gcc-c++ binutils libc-devel


Not sure what version of gcc-c++ that will get you. My CentOS 7 VPS has
gcc-c++-4.8.5-44.el7.x86_64 on it, so I would assume the above should get you
gcc-c++-4.8.5-44.el7.armv7hl. OTOH, my Raspberry Pi 4 build box with Raspberry
Pi OS (based on Debian 10) has gcc version 8.3.0 (Raspbian 8.3.0-6+rpi1).
Maybe you should just get an up-to-date Raspberry Pi OS image. Then after
'sudo apt update;sudo apt full-upgrade -y' you can do 'sudo apt install g++
binutils libc-dev'.

At Mon, 25 Apr 2022 14:41:18 -0400 CentOS mailing list <centos@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I have a program I want to run on a Raspberry PI 4 that was written on
an x86_64 architecture.  So I downloaded the Raspberry PI image of
CentOS 7 and now I'm on armv7hl.  Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to
be any devtools for arm at all.  Is there an easy(ish) way to get c++ 17
this architecture?

Thank you!


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