Re: server gave bad signature for RSA key 0 - ?

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what does a ssh -vvv give you :D? Also how many server-keys do you have
in the /etc/sshd/ folder? And /etc/sshd/sshd_conf file might be of use
depending on. Also check /var/log/secure and messages. Thirdly do you
run in enforcing mode? If so tail -f the audit log and ensure that the
catalogue is correctly labeled.


On 2022-04-11 21:45, lejeczek via CentOS wrote:
Hi guys.

Anybody has seen something like this from 'ssh' and care to

-> $ ssh
(root@ Password:
client_global_hostkeys_private_confirm: server gave bad
signature for RSA key 0: error in libcrypto

I have virtually identical c8 Stream boxes and only one
gives out this message. I regen keys but that changed nothing.
many thanks, L.
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