Re: KVM virsh console to physical console?

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Il 12/02/22 00:33, Lists ha scritto:
I'm preparing to virtualize a Windows server onto a Linux system under virsh.
Initial results are looking good, but an issue that's come up is the need to
log into the Linux system prior to being able to access the Windows system for

Is there a way to "connect" the virsh console directly to a physical Linux

EG: Ctl+Alt+F8 to access the Windows virsh console for Windows Server

Thank you

Ben Smith

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I'm in late.

If you are using virsh, you are using libvirt. From what I know you can connect a virt-manager (and probably cockpit) to te libvirtd of the host system (where the Guest runs) from another workstation using virt-manager or cockpit via browser.

Hope that helps
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