Re: [CentOS Stream 8] Update of IPA server broken - bind-dyndb-ldap needs to be rebuilt?

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On 2/9/22 11:24, Paul Heinlein wrote:
On Wed, 9 Feb 2022, Johnny Hughes wrote:

Caused by a rebase of bind, but the new idm:DL1 module lagged behind a little bit.  Was fixed with the push about 9 hours ago.


I see idm:DL1 (and idm:client) in Stream 9, but not Stream 8. I just refreshed the dnf cache in the latter, so I think I'm fully up to date.

Am I missing something?

Yes .. it should be available.  Make sure the mirror is updated.

^^ it is tagged to |  "dist-c8-stream-module-compose"

And was released more than 14 hours ago now

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