389-ds packages less up-to-date on CentOS Stream 8 than RHEL8

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as described here [1] we were having issues with LDAP dirsrv 389-ds in our
environment where we use a mix on CentOS Stream 8 and RHEL 8 deployments. I
have been surprised to notice that RHEL packages actually seems to be more
up-to-date than CentOS Stream ones, while we are working for our QA
processes under the assumption that CentOS Stream is upstream of RHEL.

Looking at the package versions:

## RHEL 8
$ sudo dnf info 389-ds-base
Name         : 389-ds-base
Version      :
Release      : 12.module+el8.5.0+13329+4096c77a

$ sudo rpm -q --changelog 389-ds-base
* Thu Nov 18 2021 Mark Reynolds <mreynolds@xxxxxxxxxx> -

## CentOS Stream 8
$ sudo dnf info 389-ds-base
Name         : 389-ds-base
Version      :
Release      : 10.module_el8.5.0+946+51aba098

$ rpm -q --changelog 389-ds-base
* Thu Aug 26 2021 Mark Reynolds <mreynolds@xxxxxxxxxx> -

My understanding from discussion on this mailing-list a few months ago, is
that sometimes critical issues will be patched in RHEL before CentOS
Stream, which is understandable.
But is it to be expected that there can be a  lag of many months before
CentOS Stream "catches up"?
Is it recommended to use CentOS Stream for development and testing of the
upcoming RHEL updates?

Just to be clear, as a (tiny) Red Hat Partner, we have access to enough
RHEL NFR entitlements for such purposes, so the point here is not to get
something "for free", but to "see things coming" by developing and testing
primarily on CentOS Stream. (Which, by the way is working great, except for
these recurring 389-ds and IPA issues; I have also been using it as my
workstation for months without a glitch)

Thanks in advance for (constructive) comments, and for sharing your own


[1] https://lists.centos.org/pipermail/centos/2021-November/534847.html
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